Technoform Glassinsulation

Working in Perfect Harmony

The TGI-Muntin is a high performing glazing bar that can be positioned within an insulating glass unit without any direct contact with the glass. Aesthetically identical to the TGI-Spacer the TGI-Muntin is a decorative feature that gives your windows a traditional look.

Working in Perfect Harmony



Superior Quality and Safety

Modern glass fibre technology ensures the very best in both quality and safety standards. The TGI-Muntin bar system meets the requirements specified in EN 1279-6 (resistance to fogging) and DIN ISO 4892-2 (UV resistance). 

The advantages

  • Easy handling for high productivity
  • Aesthetically matches with the TGI-Spacer
  • Perfect thermal bond with the TGI-Spacer
  • Low heat conductivity resulting in very good insulation properties
  • Comparable thermal performance to that if the TGI-Spacer
  • Maintains high surface temperatures of the inside glass edge
  • Reduction of condensation and mould forming

For more information on TGI-Muntin colours and sizes please contact one of our customer service representatives.