Technoform Glassinsulation

How we think and act

Technoform connects people with ideas into a global network of efficient and autonomous teams striving to find the best market-oriented solutions for their customers.

Worldwide we try to find the ideal balance between the interests of the customer, company and workforce through all of our market goods and services, systems and processes. This is the most important foundation stone for long-term market success, the continuing existence of the company and its lasting financial – and creative – independence.

Our desire to continually improve processes and products, to be one step ahead for our customers and to always be better than the competition – this is how we ensure the financial health of our working environment. The autonomous, market-oriented behaviour of every individual within the Technoform Group ensures the quality of our work and of our working life.

One hallmark of our approach to business is that we are involved in society. We are open to other cultures and languages, as well as

How we think and act

other products, markets and fields of business, and are always ready to embrace new technologies, organisations, partners and joint ventures. A holistic thought process which knows no boundaries – this is something which all of us share.

Our company comprises a network of non-linear relationships within which everyone is willing to share their   


expertise, and to make use of others’ expertise. Networked thinking is also a key characteristic of our dialogue with our customers, suppliers and the business world, which we view as part of an external network.